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Michael Schenker -- Lancaster, PA -- January 26th, 2014

Another excellent show and a killer performance by Doogie White. Sound and venue were worse this time (crowd was pretty shitty too, not helped by how long it took for them to come on), but overall still a great show.

01 Neptune Rising
02 Where the Wild Winds Blow
03 Armed and Ready
04 Cry for the Nations
05 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
06 Assault Attack
07 Attack of the Mad Axeman
08 Rock My Nights Away
09 Into the Arena
10 Lovedrive
11 Another Piece of Meat
12 Before the Devil Knows Your Dead
13 Horizons
14 Shoot Shoot
15 Only You Can Rock Me
16 Let it Roll
17 Too Hot to Handle
18 Lights Out
19 Rock Bottom
20 Doctor Doctor
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