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Primus -- Sydney, Australia -- January 27th, 2014

Show started at 8.30pm on the dot, and finished at exactly 11.30pm. There was about a fifteen minute break between sets, and that's about it! The Gin & Juice cover was pretty funny, it came about from Les & Lar watching Snoop Dogg at the Big Day Out festival when they played there yesterday, and commenting how a) there were so many girls there compared to Primus shows and b) how even their wives were dancing to it. Les figured if they could play a Snoop song it might bring more of the ladies out!

Set was great, nice to see Bob and The Heckler in there, but could have done with another song or too! They played John the Fisherman yesterday, so could've done with Tommy the Cat tonight! After Harold of the Rocks, the stagehand offered Les another bass, but he declined and walked off. Thinking they may have had another one planned but cut it short.

Either way, great show!

Set I

The Toys Go Winding Down
Last Salmon Man
Southbound Pachyderm
Mr. Knowitall
Over the Falls
Lee Van Cleef
Drum Solo
My Name Is Mud
Over the Electric Grapevine

Set II

Jilly's on Smack
Too Many Puppies
Groundhog's Day
American Life
The Heckler
The Candy Man Can
Mr. Krinkle
Gin & Juice
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Harold of the Rocks
Every Time I Die
Metallica (Singapore)
Opeth (Syd / Mel / Mel)
Animals as Leaders
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