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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
The crowd booed the Rumble. That was grim. WWE fucked up.
They didn't boo the rumble match itself really. They booed the fact that Daniel Bryan wasn't in it and that Batista won. It's no surprise that Vince fucked up again since that's what he's done best now for about a decade. He used to be so ahead of everything and listened to what the fans wanted. It's obvious that the fans love Bryan and want to see him win the belt at mania. If it's not Bryan going to wrestlemania then it should be Punk since they're the two most over faces on the roster.

I know when you get older, you get more out of touch with things but it's pathetic to see just how out of touch Vince is with the WWE fanbase right now. If they had some serious competition at all over the last decade they could very well be out of business with the amount of stupid decisions he's made in recent years. I got nothing against Batista but he's not that big of a star and is certainly not bigger than Bryan and Punk are right now. The 30th anniversary of wrestlemania is a milestone and it's gonna be headlined by Orton and Batista? Get the fuck out of here Vince.

That felt good to get that off my chest
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