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Originally Posted by marker View Post
It's just a way to get people to spend $25.00 or more. I get your point though. I'm sure many people go on there intending to buy only one cd, but then end up spending more to avoid the ass reaming of $3.99 per cd.
It looks like they just changed it to $35.00 for free shipping.
As a consumer I love it. But if I was the brass at Amazon I'd be a little pissed. But, they're desperate for business and some days I'm surprised it's even around still. It was thirty nine dollars for free shipping for the longest time (on the Canadian site anyway) but changed to twenty five a few years ago.

Amazon as a whole has really gone downhill though in the last year. The shipping thing I was talking about earlier is just a bad business model. But the site itself is fucking terrible. The marketplace is all mixed in with stuff they (Amazon) offer. There are some bands who have the same item listed four or five times, all with different prices and retailers. I can't say how many times I've gone to buy something, paid, then scrolled down two pages and seen the same item for cheaper.

And they have an air of desperation too. I've had a few items where I've gotten the "your item has shipped e-mail before I even got the confirmation e-mail.
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