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Pretty much everything I wanted to say Mankvill did. Both articles are kinda terrible, the first one is overly whiny and completely lacking in substance (which makes me suspect it might just be clickbait); the second keeps going on about "the herd," as if they were the wolves or something, which is utterly laughable but not surprising coming from an ANUS affiliate site. I do get though that metalheads can be wary of "outsiders" co-opting their music-crossover and grind excepted, it tends to lead to watered down, lowest common denominator stuff, like glam, groove & nu metal, 00s metalcore, etc.

Deafheaven also hasn't really done anything unique, nothing Lantlos (and others) didn't already do 5-6 years ago. I guess it has more to do with being in the right place in the right time. I don't really care for them, but it doesn't bother me that people like them or whatever.

The unnamed "bar" I suspect is probably Duff's, in which case the bartenders would be dumb NYDM lackeys anyhow. And really unless you're talking to the extreme satanic hispanics or self serious NWN nerds or what have you, no one really cares what you listen to. Yeah, people might rib you & give you some shit for it, but ultimately they don't care. At least this is what I've found in my experience, in you know, actually being around and talking to metalheads for quite awhile.
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