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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Pretty much this. Hopefully Cesaro and Ambrose have a strong showing, two most underrated nigs right now.

Tag match, D-bry match, Lesnar match and rumble itself will deliver.

My guess for surprise entrants are Y2J, RVD, Sheamus, Christian,Ziggler, Evan Bourne maybe Jake the Snake Roberts.
Y2J as a surprise entrant is pretty much a lock for every year, you're probably right. RVD, yes. Sheamus, very possible. Christian, doubt it. Ziggler, doubtful. Evan Bourne, not a chance. Jake Roberts, very possible.

I'll say Sting is a long shot. And Santino or Khali are locks. And Daniel Bryan is still a good pick. And there's always Cena.
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