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I feel like that Noisey article was written terribly. It was basically a fleshed out version of the "Quit being meanies! Move out of your parents basement!" comments you see on Blabbermouth posts from "RIPDIMEBAG420" every single day.

I feel like the response article is kinda BS too because if they wanted to keep out "imposters" or whatever, the only black metal there would be is Blasphemy worship and black metal would be the most fucking one-dimensional music genre of all time.

It's so weird that all this drama came from Sunbather, an album that if you took out the interludes and like half of one song would be a normal, by-the-books black metal album.

I don't think Deafheaven is really trying to infiltrate the underground, Ross Bay cult section of black metal, nor do I think they're trying to get black metal in the top 40 radio stations.

Black metal started in defense of keeping the spirit and evilness of heavy metal true by going against the grain copycat bands, and isn't that basically what Deafheaven is doing?

I'm glad that there are more types of black metal than "Transilvanian Hunger" and 'Under The Sign Of the Black Mark" ripoffs. There are more than enough awesome bands making "typical" black metal (look how much everyone fucking loved that latest Inquisition record) so these few bands with their "soundscape" black metal or "blackgaze" music are furthering the scene and we should all love that.

Any comments on their appearance or anything like that is fucking dumb. George Clarke has frighteningly awesome stage presence and some of the best black metal vocals on record I've ever heard.

I wrote all this while listening to pop punk.
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