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Stephen Pearcy -- Whitemarsh, MD -- January 19th, 2014

Full Review

I went to see Stephen Pearcy play a short (1 hr) but sweet set at the House of Rock. First concert of 2014 season kicked off in high gear! Nice cover of a PRIEST song, and one song I couldn't recognize (but it probably was off the first RATT EP, is what other ppl were mentioning).

basically if you were a RATT fan you would have loved this show. I know I had a blast! His voice was starting to give a bit I think near the end, there seemed to be way more singing along....

regardless, despite the short set I think it was a success

Stephen Pearcy (8:59- 10)
  • You're in Love (Ratt song)
  • Lay It Down (Ratt song)
  • Lack of Communication (Ratt song)
  • Wanted Man (Ratt song)
  • Slip of the Lip (Ratt song)
  • Way Cool Jr. (Ratt song)
  • Sweet Cheater (Ratt song)
  • (Unknown)(I think this may have been Take a Chance?... probably something off of the RATT EP)
  • I'm Insane (Ratt song)
  • You Think You're Tough (Ratt song)
  • Heading Out to the Highway (Judas Priest cover)
  • Back for More (Ratt song)
  • Body Talk (Ratt song)
  • Round and Round (RATT)
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