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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
I like Phantom Limb and a couple others but the album as a whole is pretty weak because the tempo and tone don't really move too much throughout the album.
I'm not even gonna bother defending Blackmail the Universe, I love it but you've made your mind
Yeah Voices is commercial but still well written and a great song to me. Phantom Limb is one of the 5 best songs of 2013 so when people on here were like how is AIC in the Top cd's list I had to laugh. Brooootal Crew in effect!

Just curious aren't the 2 main riffs in BTU both from other songs? When I listened to the song again I was like this sounds like X and this riff is totally from Y. Maybe all the mid-tempo Megadeth is one big blur to me. It's so f'n boring and repetative. hahaha
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