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Originally Posted by XDoomsayerX View Post
Does anyone even care for Orton/Cena? Seriosly Orton is being billed as such a horrible champ. Also why is this match happening, Orton won in the most clean way one could win in a TLC match. Sure he handcuffed Cena but dude did it on his own. This match will end in a lame DQ fashion too.

Lesnar/Show has a chance to shine though. I wonder if Lesnar can still belly to belly Show and F5 him too.
The reason Cena and Orton are wrestling again is because Cena gets a rematch. The belts were unified but that doesn't mean Cena isn't allowed a chance to win back the belt he lost.

Lesnar/Show should be a solid match. Big Show is underrated as hell by a lot of people on the internet. The guy is a very good talker and can put on some solid matches, especially when it's a big match like this one. In terms of overall work, the last three or four years have been the best of Show's career. Lesnar should be able to F5 him since he did it to Mark Henry a few weeks ago. Doing the belly to belly on Show I think is still possible now to. Since Lesnar does the kimura arm lock now he doesn't have to rely on tossing Show around to win the match. I still think we'll see him toss Show a couple times though.
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