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Originally Posted by mastodon421 View Post
4.Protest the Hero-Volition

Volition can essentially be thought of as a "best of" album for Protest the Hero album. The grand scope of Keizia, the relentless chaos and brutality of Fortress and the beautiful melodies of Scurrilous are combined into one glorious package on Volition. These elements come together so organically and in typical Protest the Hero fashion, change drastically on a whim with spectacular results. One of the many examples of these different sides converging into one is the second track of the album "Drumhead Trial". "Drumhead Trial" starts off with a fast-paced yet melodic verse before descending into a crushing metalcore section at the halfway point before shifting gears again to a subtle outro with Rody Walker switching off vocals with little-known singer Kayla Howran (I don't know what is it with this band but between Howran and frequent collaborator Jadea Kelly, the Protest guys always find amazing female singers to work with.) I'm not knocking Scurrilous because it's an excellent record, but there is a lot more diversity on Volition. Scurrilous had more of an enhanced focus on melody, here the band has a reawakening of their metal side with the return of the heavier riffing and screaming of their earlier material to the fold. The return of the metal elements is more than welcome as Rody Walker's devastatingly badass screams and groove-oriented riffing are two of the major things that initially drew me to Protest the Hero. The best part about the return of the heaviness is the fact that none of the other elements suffer because of it. The band still bangs out top-notch melodies and memorable choruses in spades, they are now just broken up a bit with bursts of hair-raising intensity (especially on the string of the aforementioned "Drumhead Trial", "Tilting Against Windmills" "Without Prejudice" and "Yellow Teeth", which may be the strongest sequence of songs they've ever produced)

However, the record isn't just a trip down memory lane, the band brings plenty of fresh ideas to the table to complement the returning elements. Songs like "Mist" and "Skies" sound like they nothing they've ever done before. "Mist" is one of the most emotional tracks they've ever made with passionate vocals from Walker, layered riffing that ranges from punk to post-rock and an almost classical outro featuring violins, acoustic guitar and a haunting piano section. "Skies" closes out the album with another successful trek into the previously uncharted waters for the band. "Skies" is easily the most progressive territory they've entered as a band with gorgeous ambient riffing in the beginning and end of the song that took me completely by surprise They've always been an act that likes to change things up and Volition sees them expanding their sound further than ever before.

Standout Tracks
1.Yellow Teeth
2.Without Prejudice
3.Drumhead Trial
Nice review. Yellow Teeth is my favorite track as well.
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