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5.Battlecross-War of Will

Battlecross is often written off because they open up a lot of tours and relentlessly pimp their band on social media. Battlecross is much more than that and I honestly think they're one of the most promising young bands coming up at the moment. They play a combination of thrash and melodic death metal that is heavy on killer riffs (of both the fast and melodic variety) and whirlwind energy. War of Will serves as a natural progression for Battlecross after their impressive 2011 breakout record Pursuit of Honor. The skeleton of what made Pursuit of Honor special is still present, they've just gotten better at their niche. The songwriting is more polished with a big improvement on their melo-death end of their sound (on "Get Over It", "Never Coming Back" and "Wage a War" they write better Gothenburg-style riffs than one of the original Gothenburg bands, Dark Tranquility, did on their 2013 record.) and the production is far cleaner and balanced than before. Another thing that has also stood out to me is just the sheer amount of talent they possess as a band. Guitarist Tony Asta effortlessly rips through fret-melting solos, Don Slater is a rare talent on bass that is actually given ample time to shine and not pushed into the background, Kyle "Gumby" Gunther has a sinister tinge to both his high-pitched and low-pitched screams and of course, session drummer Shannon Lucas delivers another insane performance on this record. War of Will is the work of a band that demands respect in the metal community.

Standout Tracks
1.Wage a War
2.Never Coming Back
3.The Will to Overcome
11/28 ABR/ETID
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