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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
Original, Batman.
I don't think St. Anger deserves all the hate it gets. Yes, it has numerous problems, but it has its strong points.

Now for my actual dream Metallica setlist, which is more original but just as stupid.

1. Wherever I May Roam
2. Hit the Lights
3. Through the Never
4. My Apocalypse
5. King Nothing
6. One
7. Trapped Under Ice
8. Disposable Heroes
9. St. Anger
10. I Disappear
11. Sad But True
12. The Phantom Lord
13. Ride the Lightening
14. All Nightmare Long
15. Some Kind of Monster
16. Master of Puppets
17. Hero of the Day
18. Enter Sandman
19. Seek and Destroy
20. ...And Justice for All

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