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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
He explains in this video why he didn't go:

I understand where he's coming from but I don't think Vince would've misused Sting that badly. Sting in the WWE had money written all over it at the time Vince bought WCW. Vince wasn't completely out of touch with the fan base back then either, so he knew bringing in Sting would've been huge and would make money. Vince would've have never let that opportunity slip away. I think Sting would've gotten at least one run as world champ and probably a couple good reigns as IC/US champ or with the tag titles if he wrestled for them some time between 2002 and 2006.

Unfortunately, it seems that Sting is his own worst enemy when it came to going to the WWE. Vince would no doubt welcome him with open arms if Sting ever decides to make a deal.
I don't know. Sting will always be a WCW guy and Vince will always have that grudge against WCW. Even though he clearly won well over a decade ago I think he still wants to take every oppertunity he can to make himself superior over them. Even though no one really cares. I still think if Sting was to come to the WWE Vince would have him lose to whoever just so he can call Ted Turner on the phone and yell at him, "Ted, Ted my guy won Ted, my guy won Ted".

All the while Ted (who is probably senile at this point and doesn't even remember owning WCW) says into the earpiece of the phone, " that you...I can't find the radishes...".
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