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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That first pic wasn't from a live taping. It was from a house show last weekend in Mobile, Alabama. You can tell it's not a TV taping because there is no big video screen at the entrance, not to mention they don't have their usual entrance stage/ramp to the ring set up. Yeah, the company is in bad shape, but their TV taping's usually draw OK. It's their house shows that always have crap attendance.

As for Sting possibly coming to the WWE, it's more than a decade too late as far as I'm concerned. Believe it or not, in March it will be 13 years since WCW went under and Vince bought it If they could've gotten Sting right away or even a year or two latter like they did with Nash, Scott Steiner and Goldberg that would've been great. But now, Sting will be 55 years old, far past his prime and couldn't offer much of anything to the WWE product currently. Plus, how would you bring him in? He's not gonna get a good pop unless they build him up right before he debuts or he makes his first appearance in a wrestling smart city like NYC, Toronto or Chicago.

The reality is, Sting has been gone from mainstream wresting for far too long. A lot of people have forgotten about him and have stopped caring. Most fans think he retired when WCW closed. Plus, now you've got a whole new generation of kids who've gotten into the WWE in the last few years who have no clue who Sting is. If he comes to the WWE, they have to be real careful how they handle his debut with the company. They can't just trot him out there on some random RAW in some random city, unless they want him to come out to crickets which would be embarrassing for him. Although I'm not sure it's more embarrassing than performing at a TNA house show taking place in a high school gym to end his career.

It would be cool to see him have a match at mania, get in the hall of fame and have a DVD about his career released. But that's pretty much all they can do with him now. He's not gonna be out there winning titles and making a serious impact like he would have a decade ago.
This I mean IF they did bring him to WWE he'd have a role like Lesner or Taker where he'd only do a few things.