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My buddy was in Vegas for the AVN's and I convinced him to go to this. We saw them at Heavy MTL last summer where we both became fans of them after that day. He was unsure if he wanted to go since he woulda been alone as his work buddies he was with for the AVN's didnt wanna go but I told him hed regret it if he didnt.

He texted me a few times and sent me a couple pics n vids during the show. He said it was a fantastic night and he was so impressed with their headlining set! Skeletonwitch were great but too bad they were 1st as they only played 30 mins. He definitely didnt regret going thats for sure!

HOB is such a great venue for shows, I love those places, been to the Vegas one and the Orlando one and I wish we had something like that up here!
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