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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
So what's your better way of dealing with it? Give kids a fitness test to make sure they can deal with the rigors of a metal show? Base it on facial hair growth? I'd love to live in your concert-goers' utopia, but kids aren't allowed to do certain things for a reason.

And you know what? Based on what I was like when I was 12, behind the wheel probably would be a safer place than a mosh pit for me. I was like 6' and 130 lbs. I would have gotten snapped like a twig in a mosh pit -- I was probably smart enough to control a vehicle in average conditions.

Also, there's that whole liquor license thing that Mankvill mentioned as well. Drunk kids, while entertaining are generally frowned upon. I mean, you could do the age cut-off at some arbitrary age like 16 but then you have to do armbands and security checks at every single show. Keep it simple and just go with the drinking age. Concerts can be dangerous places.
Most of these kids we're talking about that are being "discriminated" against in the case of 21+ shows aren't 12. They're in their late teens. Whether or not we should see pre-teens at metal shows is a whole other story. We're mainly talking about 16+ kids at bar shows.
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