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Coroner - R.I.P. - June 1, 1987

While the USA's west coast was getting attention for some excellent technical melodic thrash albums, a band from Switzerland named Coroner made sure we wouldn't forget about the European thrash metal contribution! And what a contribution it is -- fast, heavy and with riffs so far out the ass they don't stink anymore, Coroner's debut is a powerhouse of tech thrash. A fairly unique-sounding album, with perhaps a little Megadeth flavour to it, R.I.P. is as solid an album as you'll find. There really aren't any weak spots. All band members are musicians of the highest order, with only Ron Royce's vocals being less than spectacular but they fit the music and do not take away from it. Seriously though, put it on random. You won't find a bad track -- even the intros are good.

Standouts: R.I.P., Totentanz, Reborn Through Hate

Score: 9.5/10
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