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Amon Amarth -- Las Vegas, NV -- January 17th, 2014

Amon Amarth
Father of the Wolf
Deceiver of the Gods
Death in Fire
Free Will Sacrifice
As Loke Falls
We Shall Destroy
Runes to My Memory
Varyags of Miklagaard
The Last Stand of Frej
Guardians of Asgaard
Blood Eagle
Warriors of the North
Destroyer of the Universe
Cry of the Black Birds
War of the Gods
Twilight of the Thunder God
The Pursuit of Vikings

Death in the Eyes of Dawn
Ethica Odini
Allfağr Oğinn

9/4 - Cannabis Corpse
9/15 - Anthrax, Motorhead
9/28 - Tears For Fears
10/17 - Overkill
10/18 - Razor
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