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Neurosis -- Montreal, Quebec -- January 18th, 2014

Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Neurosis
Date: Saturday January 18th, 2014
Venue: the Metropolis in Montreal, Quebec
T-Shirt Worn: plain black

This had the potential to be the best concert I've seen in my life, but it didn't end up that way. Godspeed You! Black Emperor has been my favorite band for close to fifteen years, and I've never seen them live. So imagine NEVER seeing you favorite band and the day finally arriving. And imagine that you were going to see them two nights in a row (because I had a ticket for Sunday’s show too) I was so excited. And Neurosis I've always really liked but never seen either. When these shows were announced they were just the icing on the cake.

I drove my family six hours from Keswick (Ontario) to Montreal (Quebec) so I could see this show. We couldn’t find a babysitter. My youngest son was getting over a cold and we both knew my oldest was probably going to catch one. Needless to say, the entire trip had been terrible. I don’t want to get into it but puking (not from illness, from running too much), yelling, terrible behavior at meals, no sleep, getting lost in a province where no road signs are in English. It's not the kids faults, they’re babies. But you ever see those movies where the parents are driving, the kids are screaming and you can tell the parents are going to snap? That was me all weekend. I don't want to get too into it but it seemed like everything was just turning to shit this weekend. Nothing was working. And it all comes to a head a bit later.

I bought the tickets back in October and was worried since then that I wouldn’t get in since I had to use my wife’s VISA and they were in her name. The promoter seemed really amateurish so it was a cloud hanging over my head for three months. I got to the show way too early to "will-call" because I thought there’s be problems, but there wasn’t! Something worked out for me. The Metropolis is actually a very nice venue. I’d go back.

After standing there for almost an hour and a half Godspeed You! Black Emperor took the stage. I was finally seeing them. And they were fucking incredible. They could have played a little longer but just being able to see them was fine enough. I got chills during Mladic. So awesome. Behemoth was a nice new song that started a little slow but after the drone section in the middle it got really good. And the Sad Mafioso should have been the full song rather than the first half but it didn’t matter. Godspeed You! Black Emperor not only met my expectations but exceeded them. I couldn't believe that I was going to get to see them again Sunday. I was happy, I was finally relaxed.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor
1. Hope Drone
2. Mladic
3. Gathering Storm
4. Behemoth
5. The Sad Mafioso
6. String Loop Manufactured During Downpour...

I didn't think Neurosis could follow that but they were damn awesome too. Starting with A Sun That Never Sets was a little anti-climactic but Locust Star was just incredible. Scotty Kelly is one seriously scary dude. Again, Neurosis exceeded my already high expectations.

1. A Sun That Never Sets
2. Locust Star
3. At the Well
4. We All Rage in Gold
5. The Tide
6. From the Hill
7. Water Is Not Enough
8. My Heart for Deliverance
9. Bleeding the Pigs
10. The Doorway
11. Stones from the Sky

However, four songs in my wife called me in a panic because my oldest son was having a croup attack. I figured out of province health care would cost me thousands of dollars so it happened: I snapped. I drove back to the hotel and told her to pack because we were leaving. I didn't care that I'd paid for a hotel another night or had another show Sunday. This trip was over. My boy needed to go to a hospital and I knew going to one in Quebec would not work. It may have cost me twenty dollars and gotten covered by my insurance with one phone call. But with my luck it would have cost thousands and been held up in legal paperwork for years. At midnight I started the seven hour drive back to Keswick, in a blizzard. I just didn't care anymore. Nothing had gone good this weekend. Am I a terrible person? Probably. Am I being selfish? Absolutely. But sometimes *you* have to do something for *yourself*. I've made a lot of sacrifices over the years but I just got to the point where I gave up. Look at any of the bands in my signature that I'm going to see. None if them matter as much as Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Just imagine waiting over fifteen years for something and having it snatched away from you. I've driven all over gods fucking green earth to take my wife to see Bon Jovi and every time it goes off without a hitch. The one time, the one fucking time, I try to do something for myself this happens. I’ve never done anything for myself and the one time I try it blows up in my face. I don’t know who to blame. My kids? No way, it’s not their fault. My wife? No, what did she do? I guess I have to blame myself for thinking I could enjoy myself. Thank god Godspeed You! Black Emperor went on first or I probably would've seriously cried. This was the worst weekend of my life and it ended in the worst way possible.

I think this could have taken Mr. Bungles spot as the best concert I've ever been to but I'll never know. If you ever have the chance to see either band don't even think about it, DO IT!
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