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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post

Waking The Cadaver
Real Life Death
Genre: Slam Death Metal/Brutal Deathcore

Go ahead and lambast away. I'll take my lumps from this one, or get "Lumped Up." See what I did there? 7 years have passed since 'Chased Through the Woods...........' became infamous. I agree, their first album was nothing good, and wasn't real fun to listen to. Still felt the immense amount of hatred was undeserved. Death metal fans hated them cause they thought the band was deathcore. Deathcore fans hated them because it wasn't deathcore. Not the best argument, but I think you see what I mean. Shitty album? Yes. Worse thing to ever be put on compact disc as some made it out to be? No. The band made another album 'Beyond Cops, Beyond God', which barring the name (which happens to be one of the dumbest album titles I've ever heard), wasn't a bad album. More straight forward death metal w/ aspects of brutal death. Not bad, not great.

But this album fucking slams. The absolute definition of "wigger bro slam", and for whatever reason, I love it. It just sounds good to me. It's a mix of Slam Death, Brutal Deathcore, and Beatdown Hardcore. Some very catchy guitar riffs, production is apropriate for the album's style, and while I still don't think their lead singer is outstanding, I don't mind the vocals whatsoever, except for the occasional pig squeal. This is just a heavy, fun, brutal ass album that is great to crank while working out or driving (I like to listen to as much death metal as possible when driving). Yes, I realize that an 8th grader in Special Education class (not making fun, just using an example) could write comparable lyrics, the slams and beatdowns combined with some catchy guitar riffs and overall heaviness make this an extremely fun and energizing listen to my ears.

Lumped Up
Life Lesson
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