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Concieved in Sewage
Genre: Brutal Death Metal

First off, I will say that in some aspects, this album is a disappointment. Widely considered one of the pioneers of, and perhaps one of the best bands of the Slam Death Metal genre, the band steps away from that on this release. This is not a Slam record, but instead a very solid modern Brutal Death Metal album. Of course all the old slam dudes threw a fit, because for some reason they were expecting another 'Molesting the Decapitated'. Ok, 14 years later, with only 2 of the 5 members remaining, and those members not having the same responsibilites, they aren't going to record an album of that magnitude. People love to complain, and some people are extremely hard to please. Mike and Ruben have said in interviews that they've been writing similar music for almost 15 years, and wanted to change things up a bit. OK, I can understand that.

Anyway, a great modern brutal death album. There are still some quality slams on the album, Fifty Ton Warchine, the title track, and Parasitic Eruption are the slammiest songs. The title track is an extremely heavy and chuggy number. The production throughout is top notch, although I wouldn't mind the bass being more noticeable. Mike's vocals are different on this one. More typical death metal growls, in comparison to slam gurgles. He does blast out some slam gurgle on 'Parasitic Eruption' that rival the best and deepest he's ever done. After a disappointing opener, 'Legalize Homicide', there's really not a weak track on this album. Unfortunately, shortly before Devourment's first tour in years, bad news came out of Devourment camp. Ruben (guitar and 2nd longest tenured member) and Eric (drums) apparently left the band. Mike has said he and Chris (bass) will continue on, but that remains to be seen.

Concieved in Sewage
Parasitic Eruption

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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