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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
What do you make of the new album?
It's definitely no Dystopia, which I thought was an a shockingly good album - Between all the lineup changes (singers and otherwise) and mediocre output over the 4 or 5 years preceding Dystopia, mixed with my mass skepticism about Stu, I honestly had no interest in Iced Earth about a month before its release - but it made a believer out of me in a hurry. I think that as a complete work, it's easily one of their best and most enjoyable to date, so the new album had high expectations to live up to.

As with most records by bands like Iced Earth, I feel like people are dramatizing it way more than it needs to be - I've seen lots of people calling it crap, but I would certainly not go that far. The songs were mostly enjoyable for me to listen to (only have about 4 listens on it as of this writing), but they haven't stuck with me between listens or really made me want to go back. There doesn't seem to be even a standout track or two, which even on most of their weak albums, still happens. Just about the whole album is what I would consider slightly above average for them, but nothing really climbs above that standard, which makes for an alright but underwhelming listen.
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