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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I hated it beyond belief. Absolutely nothing happened at all, and they just threw in the attempted murder of Watson's old commander as an afterthought. Disjointed, needlessly over-scripted, added nothing to the overall story... easily the worst of all nine episodes so far.

The third one really makes up for it, but two episodes out of three which contributed absolutely nothing apart from a handful of plot points to be referenced in the third one really isn't good enough.
It wasn't really an afterthought, they intentionally included the two previous unsolved cases in the episode as they were this episodes to be wrapped up later. It was the mystery for the episode.

I don't really understand how the lack of overall story progression is worth complaining about, when Sherlock has been a primarily episodic show from start to finish. Despite the length of the episodes and the existence of a long-term story, it's basically been a mystery-of-the-week show the whole time.
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