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20. Wrekmeister Harmonies - You've Always Meant So Much to Me

I've only listened to this album by the end of the year, but it really took me by surprise. It is made of a sole 38 minute track: it starts with a minimalistic electronic drone, which is slowly enhanced with more and more elements, including cello and piano, thus progressively building a beautiful, haunting and almost claustrophobic (the panicked screams in the background sure help) atmosphere similar to those found of the last Godspeed You! Black Emperor LP's drony tracks.

At its climax, an avalanche of distorted heaviness then crashes upon the listener in the form of huge blackened psychedelic doom riffs adorned with dense noise, cello parts of a deranging beauty, and tortured, desperate, distant screams. This part then drifts away, leaving space for a noisy drone, that slowly fades and deconstructs, again in a GY!BE fashion, leading to the memorable final piano chords. This record would probably be higher in my list if I had the time to listen to it more - it is an emotional trip that is touching from the start to the end.

You've Always Meant So Much to Me
8/6 - SubRosa

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