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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
The more I listen to the new album, the more I think this is the second best track on it after Parasite, with just the cheesy lyrics letting it down a bit... but since it's a personal song about Jon's grandfather, that's more acceptable. Everything else is just a carbon copy of things they've done before, except Highwaymen, which is just fucking awful.
I quite enjoy If I Could See You as well. I can't quite place Parasite, so I'll have to listen to it again. And I actually don't mind Highwayman... it's obviously a different feel than the rest of the album the song itself is alright.

Both had little impact on the crowd, I must say. I loved hearing Dark Saga though.
I'd love to hear both of them. Disciples of the Lie is one of my all time favourite IE tunes.
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