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Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
They'd better not be pulling our fucking leg like they did last year with Gojira.
to be fair the gojira tease was a full 5 months before the lineup was announced

the teases were as follows:

2011.10.12 - exhumed (yes)
2011.10.15 - hate eternal (no but were offered according to MPF)
2011.12.31 - cannibal corpse & between the buried and me (yes)
2012.02.01 - band announcements start

2012.10.05 - children of bodom & dillinger escape plan (no, yes)
2012.10.07 - gojira & black dahlia murder (no, no)
2012.12.28 - all shall perish (no)
2013.01.11 - the ocean (yes)
2013.01.27 - aeon (yes)
2013.02.04 - cattle decapitation (yes)
2013.02.06 - revocation (yes)
2013.03.22 - lineup announcement

as you can see, by the beginning of each year they clearly had the bands pretty solidified. its not exactly unreasonable to think any bands teased at this point lean more to the side of likely than unlikely.
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