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Anyone who thinks The Ultimate Warrior doesn't belong in the WWE hall of fame is either too young to remember his first run with the WWF or just a complete moron.

From '88-'92 the guy was insanely over as a face, sold tons of merch and had good runs as both IC and WWF champ. In fact, in the whole history of the IC title, it never meant more than when Warrior had it and went in to the Wrestlemania 6 main event against Hogan in a title for title match. Think about that for a minute, the IC champ was challenging the world champ in the main event of wrestlemania. That will never happen again and is a true testament to how popular the Warrior was and how he was able to make his character work so well.

The crowd always went nuts for him back then. The top faces in the WWE today wish they could get half the pop Warrior did during his entrance. Daniel Bryan has come pretty close though. Yeah, he couldn't wrestle for shit but having charisma and a larger than life character has always been the most important thing in pro wrestling. Sure, it's awesome if you know every hold there is and can pull them off flawlessly but it means nothing in the end without charisma and personality which the Warrior was overflowing with. His promos never made any sense but they fit the character perfectly. He was so over that no matter how out there whatever he said was, the fans didn't care and still loved him.

One of the most unique characters and person for that matter, to ever perform in the WWF. He deserves to be in the hall of fame as much as anybody.
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