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Originally Posted by darkguardian50 View Post
What the fuck with all the Savatage material. We never get ANY of that except on the Spring Tour we got Chance. But Gutter Ballet? Handful of Rain and This is the Time? Shit. So depressed. The stage show in the US is amazing though, but honestly I care more about the music.
I'm with you, but it's important to remember that TSO as an independent entity is not all that popular in Europe, certainly not shit compared to what it is in the US (but hey, that's what commercial radio exposure over 15 years, combined with yearly big-budget tours will do) - in Europe, they actually have to market it based on Savatage's popularity and hook people in with that element. If they played any of those Savatage tunes on the winter tour here in the US, it would be crickets during and after except for about 50 people in an arena of 10,000+. The only way they could get away with it is if it was on one of the spring tours, and they specifically announced it would be roughly 1/3 Savatage stuff in advance, advertised it as such, and played theaters instead of arenas.
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