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Its an interesting set list to be sure. Blessed Are You is great to see. But If I Could See You is a terrible song. Democide is the only song on the album that really made me say HELL YEA though Among the Living Dead and the title track are solid. There is also a very oddly flat vocal quality to the new album. Aside from the truly awful slow songs, Stu very rarely uses his upper register. Its very odd.

As for Red Baron, I dunno what you all are smoking that's a great song. One of my favorites. But I'd LOVE to see them do Attila, Stu has the perfect voice for it to.

While Disciples of the Lie and Dark Saga are oddities, both are solid but unremarkable songs.

I've heard that Stu sounds pretty rough on Blessed Are You and Question of Heaven. Not sure if that's the Barlow loyalists saying that or if the material is just a bit to rangy for him.

Nothing from Stormrider or Burnt Offerings, their two best albums. Wtf
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