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Originally Posted by VoidFlame View Post
23. Nails - Abandon All Life

In 2010, a small band called Nails released their debut short album, called Unsilent Death, and quickly began to achieve underground cult recognition within the hardcore scene and even converted a few metalheads with their own brand of fast, skull-bashing, pissed off hardcore. Three years later, after many gigs and a few tours, they've come back. With Abandon All Life, they firmly planted their foothold into the doorway of the metal community, venturing further into the territories of grindcore and death metal.

In order to achieve this feat, they started with an improvement of their sound. Everything on the new record sounds larger and more imposing: in addition to being faster in the blasted parts, the drums sound fatter and more massive. Also, they adopted the classic Entombed mind-lacerating "buzzsaw" guitar sound that is specific to the Boss HM-2 pedal. The vocals also blend in better with the music than on their previous effort. They are also closer to a scream than to a shout, with occasional backing growls, making the whole thing more violent and more metal. Abandon All Life sounds like an enormous and organic mass of pure sonic fury crashing upon the listener.

It is also one of the most efficient brutal releases I have ever heard. Clocking under 20 minutes, with simple, but great and catchy riffs constantly ensuing right after the previous one and not a whole second of relief to be found, it is the perfect quick fix of face punching metal or punk (whichever you're looking for).

I especially have a crush for the songs "Wide Open Wound", which is heavier than a lot of the most brutal death metal songs I have heard, and the two last ones. "Cry Wolf" is simply 24 seconds of sheer aggression and "Suum Cuique" is a delirious mastodon of bone shattering doomy heaviness. For any brutal music enthusiast, Nails' Abandon All Life is inevitably one of the most fun album of the year.

Wide Open Wound
I bought a Boss HM-2 to be just like Nails, no joke.
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