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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
nice, Nice, NICE!!! 3 dates around me . I might go to one of these dates depending on my work schedule. I close on Sunday(the 19th) so that's a definite no, no for me . I can make the Monday(the 20th) show depending on what time they have me go into work. Our sceduals gets posted every friday, SO if all goes well and they don't have me close on monday...then I will be seeing EHG again for the 4th time. . If I can't make those two dates, well then I'm probably gonna do my best to see them in Ventura. Honestly, it's sad that Joey is no longer with the band but I must admit that they still put on one hell of a show. The band still sounds great and they were sooooo good this past sunday that I wouldn't mind making the trek down to LA to see them again.
I love how you call it a trek to LA but the trip to Ventura doesn't seem so bad. Ventura is about 100 miles from you. I've only gone up there once for a show and it was such a long drive. Make sure you show up early to whatever show you go to because they will sell out SUPER fast.
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