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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
All the more reason to go through the list and get a listen.

Originally Posted by MPF View Post
Thanks for doing this thread. Candiria helped make me the drummer I am today because of all the new ideas I discovered from the band, and ironically enough Dead Bury the Dead was the first song I heard from the band.

Keep up this awesome thread about one of the most unappreciated bands around.
Kenneth is just an absolute monster behind the drums. Obviously he's never going to be brought up w/ the Lombardos & Portnoys of the world but he's every bit the talent that they are. It's just impossible to try to compare his drumming vs any of the other drummers that always get brought up as being the "best". I wanted to die when I first heard he was actually playing for Fuel several years ago. I can't imagine how much he had to dumb down his approach from Candiria to play w/ Fuel. Ugghhh.

I'm really happy to hear this thread has went over so well. I honestly didn't know how they would go over or just how many had really heard of them since they haven't even been active in over 10 years.
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