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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Last tour they did Angels Holocaust, Slave To The Dark, Damien, Dante's Inferno and When The Night Falls. The selection of older material was much better than this current set.
Well, first leg of the last tour. The second leg all of those got dropped for extra Dystopia songs, plus Wolf, Melancholy (Holy Martyr), Setian Massacre, and putting Burning Times and Pure Evil back in. That first leg set was definitely their most awesome for years though.

Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Terrible pacing to start the show to. If I Could See You is not a good song and can easily put you to sleep, having it in the fourth spot is a bad idea. I could understand it being there if the first three songs were ones that blew the roof off the place but that isn't the case here.
You know what, I'd say If I Could See You was easily the most well-received of the new songs. Two reasons for that I'd guess are crowds respond when bands do personal songs, and this one is a bit like Watching Over Me in that it's a song for someone Jon lost (his grandfather), and also it's the only new song they played with an actual hooky chorus. It definitely got the biggest reception.

I think Parasite is the best song on the new album. Typical that it got left out for the "safe" ones that just sound like a bunch of other songs.

Originally Posted by Steev View Post
Waterloo, seriously I'd love to hear that live
Totally. I'd take anything from that album except probably Green Face and Red Baron/Blue Max. It's a shame they picked that one, but at least it was something different.

Originally Posted by Litany View Post
Jekyll & Hyde?! Horror Show is my favorite IE album! One of the songs off there I've always wanted to hear! No complaints from me
It seemed to pass everyone by. I think because it and Disciples of The Lie were between new songs, and they didn't introduce it like they normally do for rare songs, so it kind of seemed to get missed.

For me, I love Horror Show, but it works as a complete album. Somehow whenever they bring out individual songs live, with the exception of Wolf, they do nothing for me.

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