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So from watching all these WWE top 10 videos I've come to this conclusion about the divas division :

keep a handful of girls that can wrestle (maybe a few tag teams as well) BUT BRING BACK THE SLUTS!

Divas in the 90's and early-mid 2000's were so much better. They had the ones that could outwrestle the main guys but they had the sluts! huge tits, fat asses, little clothes, girl on girl skits and the crowd loved it. We need that.

WWE Top 10 : Catastrophic catfights

Take #2 for example, a backstage brawl between Lita and Trish, now both are still this day quite possibly the best females wrestlers (and 2 of the hottest) but they fought. They were really slapping, throwing, and genuinely beating the shit out of each other to show that woman wrestlers weren't just the slut division. Now where in modern WWE is that? Hell most of the normal roster won't even fight that real.

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