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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Amazon has a lot of really cheap wrestling DVD's. I'm trying to get my library up, mainly with documentaries...

I put Jake The Snake's "Pick Your Poison" in my cart, and biddig on "The Rise and Fall of WCW" on Ebay (cheaper by a few bucks there, but if I lose I'll snag it off Amazon). Any others I should get? The Hardy Boyz, Mr. Perfect, or any others worth it? Maybe any good PPV DVD's (those are fairly cheap as well, depending on the year)?
Get the Mr. Perfect DVD. Especially if you don't know that much about him. When it comes to being the complete package in wrestling, no one can touch Curt Hennig. He had it all, the look, in ring ability, charisma and mic skills. Everything he did was damn near flawless. Too bad he got that back injury that sidelined him for a while. He would've had one of the greatest runs ever as WWF champ in the early 90s if that didn't happen.

The Jake The Snake DVD is pretty cool to. The guy had a messed up childhood though which helps to explain his addictions and why his character was so dark. One of the greatest promo men of all time. No one on the current roster can even come close to what Jake could do on the mic.
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