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9.The Black Dahlia Murder-Everblack

My status as an avid Black Dahlia Murder fan is well-known across the board. They were responsible for getting me into extreme metal and have been my favorite of mine since I was 15. Their most recent slab of death metal ferocity, Everblack, is yet another high-quality release that continues their reign of terror on the world of heavy metal. Everblack is arguably the most evil material the band has ever produced. The horror-inspired lyrics are more grotesque than ever ("Phantom Limb Masturbation" makes 99% of Cannibal Corpse's lyrics tame by comparison) and some odd experimentation (the closing piano on "Every Rope a Noose", the eerie choir sample on "Their Beloved Absentee", the strings on "Into the Everblack") add to album's sinister feel. Matching the vile lyrics and creepy ambiance, is the pure heaviness of the music that successfully combines the chugging brutality of John Kampien-era material such as Nocturnal with the more technical, experimental side they explored on Ryan Knight-era stuff like Ritual. It's the perfect marriage of Knight and Brian Eschbach, who was the sole songwriter before Knight joined the band, on their second album working together. The aforementioned "Into the Everblack" and "Map of Scars" are two of the most straightforward pummeling tracks they've ever made yet there is a greater sense of melody and technicality than before. I also have to give props to new drummer Alan Cassidy and bassist Max Lavelle for effortlessly replacing long-time members drummer Shannon Lucas and bassist Bart Williams. The number of member changes they've had over the years has been daunting and could really put a toll on a band's chemistry, Black Dahlia Murder is just too strong and well-oiled of a machine thanks to founding members Escbach and vocalist Trevor Strnad to let that happen. Everblack doesn't quite live up to the heights of Ritual, but it's another memorable record that lives up to The Black Dahlia Murder's legacy of producing consistently impressive extreme metal records. Long live the immortals.

Standout Tracks
1.Every Rope a Noose
2.Map of Scars
3.Into the Everblack
11/28 ABR/ETID
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