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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
That's what I thought according to their past tour dates. I know a lot of people don't understand this band, but it is definitely something to check out when the opportunity comes up. I don't know when the next chance will be for me. Probably after the next Shrinebuilder album gets put out...
Yup. I know two of these fellows and have known about the project since before it went public, and I can honestly say I didn't expect a whole lot from the album based on the tracks that they had released beforehand. But the album is great, obviously. Sanford really has a chance to shine quite like he never has before. I know that the Empty Bottle gig was their only Chicago show because I know for a fact they didn't play in Chicago on their first tour back in Winter 2012 (or whenever, I think it was around that time) and that the last few "tours" they did were all in the end of this past year. I really wanted to go to the Chicago show but was out of town at the time. Someday, though.
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