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These just missed the countdown:

Peel This Strip Here And Fold - Another one of their instrumental jazzy songs

Bring The Pain / Multiple Incisions - Cover of the Method Man song. This is their more hip hop side.

The Sleeper - This is off the Kiss The Lie album, it's actually a really good good song. By most bands it would be a really good song, coming from Candiria, they are capable of so much more. Its a highlight off that album, but its not really a great album.

Purity Condemned - This is off their 1st EP. This is Candiria at their absolute most raw sounding.

Remove Yourself - Off the What Doesn't Kill You... album. Its a very slick song. Its not all that technical or heavy but super catchy.

Signs of Discontent - Had there been a Top 26 this would have made the list. This is more accurate of the Candiria sound if you compare it to the other songs that just missed the list.
10/7 - Run The Jewels
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