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My Top 20 (or 30) Favorite Candiria Songs

After being on here for 5 years or so I figured I would do a little countdown for one of my all time favorite bands, Candiria. I think for the most part they are one of the most innovative and overlooked bands in metal from the last 15-20 years. I haven't quite decided if I'm gonna do 20 or 30 songs in my list yet. But I feel like this is a band that alot of you on here need to hear (if you haven't) or revisit (for anybody who hasn't listened to them in awhile).

Candiria is currently in the studio working on their first studio album release in 6 years after breaking up around 2007-2008, only to comeback a few years later announcing on Facebook in December 2010 that they were working on a new album. And finally in 2013 there was finally actual proof that there was actual work being done on a new album.

Candiria cannot really be classified under a single genre. They do a little bit of hardcore, metal, jazz, hip hop/rap, and mathcore. Something else that they have that a majority of metal bands don't have is a black frontman which is definitely not something that a ton of metal bands have, that makes them unusual as compared to most bands in their genre(s) who can growl w/ anybody and who can also rap just as well as any MC's past or present. They have always described their music as "urban fusion". They have been around since 1994 and have toured with several metal heavyweights: Brutual Truth, V.O.D., Killswitchengage (as its spelled on a '00 flyer), Hatebreed (who they were also headlining over), Unearth, Bad Brains, Clutch, Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Bad Brains, Dillinger Escape Plan, Agnostic Front and several more while also playing Hellfest.

I've thought about this for awhile and I actually think I found a band with a similar career arc (albeit on a much much much smaller scale) as far as their music is concerned, that band I would actually use as the comparison would actually be Metallica. Stick w/ me here for a second, obviously their music couldn't be further from alike but the albums they released in the order they did reminds me of them.

Their early stuff (first 2 EP's & their first full length Surrealistic Madness) is more heavy with almost death sounding vocals. This would be what I would probably consider their most raw sounding albums. Just as Kill Em All was also the most raw sounding Metallica has ever sounded (not counting St. Anger, that sounded raw as well, just not the raw I'm using in this context).

Their next 3 albums is what I fell in love with that would be the apex of their career, 1997s Beyond Reasonable Doubt, 1999 Process of Self Devlopment & 2001s 300% Density (sound familiar?). Just as Metallica released Ride The Lightning, Master of Puppets & ...And Justice For All that could very easily be the pinnacle of their career as well. They would then release 2002s C.O.M.A. Imprint that was really just an updated version of the Beyond Reasonable Doubt album with a couple of new tracks and a 2nd disc that showcases the bands other projects.

Then they released 2004s What Doesn't Kill You... Unfortunately where this becomes more Metallica like is they were involved in a very severe bus accident when they collided w/ an 18 wheeler whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Luckily nobody in the band was killed, although if you look at the "after" picture of their bus, that was used as the cover to the 2004 album, it's astonishing that nobody lost their life in that crash. I look at 2004s What Doesn't Kill You... album as the Black Album of the Candiria catalog. Even though the best this album did was #47 on the Billboard Independent Album charts, it is still the best selling Candiria album to date. Gone are the odd time signatures, longer songs, jazz interludes and everything else that made them so unique in the late 90s and early 00s. And they replaced that with more verse/chorus/verse, 4 minute songs that alot of their fanbase cried "sellout". No need to go into the parallels of this and the Metallica fanbase after the Black Album. The difference between WDKY & The Black Album is there was still a ton of very good & catchy songs. The songs were still pretty heavy only the difference was they did some of the most catchy chorus' in their entire discography in this album. Its an easier listen than any of the other albums they've made, even though at times I would hear a song and think "is this still them?". This would also be the only time I would get to see them was in 2004 while they were support for (kill me) Kittie and touring w/ 36 Crazyfists & Twelve Tribes. I had never heard of them before and I had just never ever heard music that sounded like this. It was so odd and it just stuck out over everything else that I heard and I instantly fell in love.

They would then run into problems with 2008's Kiss The Lie. They went into the studio and then finished the album, and then after finishing the album, in 2006, founding member Kenneth Schalk quit and then their bass player left at the time as well because Kenneth quit. With no rhythm section to tour with, Type A records refused to release the album for 2 years, holding the album hostage, and the president of the company ending up releasing the not-yet mastered album onto Napster, Emusic, & iTunes w/o knowledge or consent of the band. The album would end up being remastered by John LaMacchia in 2009. This will be my last Metallica compairison I make. I heard this and all I could think was "what in the hell is this? ", this was a huge huge letdown, probably one of the biggest for me. This album felt like an almost straight up rock record and it felt like they really dumbed down their music now. There was little uptempo, it was bland, it was boring, it was nothing at all like I wanted. The compairison I would make is the Load/Re-Load/St. Anger era of Metallica, even though I know that there are still alot of you on here that like atleast the Load/Re-Load on here, who felt so letdown by those albums, and the band itself was crumbling from the inside out which judging by the Some Kind of Monster doc was the absolute truth. Just as 2 band members were for Candiria.

The difference is Candiria still hasn't got a chance to try to redeem themselves like Metallica did w/ Death Magnetic (although a good portion of you on here would challenge the notion that they "redeemed" themselves with that album". Although after hearing an instrumental rough cut of a song they posted on soundcloud a few months back it sounds like they are going back to their 90s/00s sound which I couldn't be happier about.

Some on here will still not care about Candiria after I'm done with this countdown and that's ok, they aren't for everybody. If, after hearing this even 1 person on this board becomes a fan of Candiria then I will consider this a success. More than likely I won't get to start this tonight but I should be able to start this tomorrow at the latest. Hope everyone enjoys.

This is a shorty little instrumental song to give you an idea of their more jazzier side
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