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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Nope, the fans stopped caring and WWE saw he has little talent.

I mean he isn't even like Ziggler where no matter where they place him the crowd still goes nuts.
Don't tell me you're on of those delusional Ziggler fans who thinks the guy is in a better spot and more over than he really is. The crowd went nuts for him once, that's when he cashed in his MITB the night after Mania. He will never get a pop like that again. I've tried to like the guy, but all I've found is that his bumping ability is all there is to him and even that has been comedic at times. He has some charisma but is shit on the mic and his moveset is extremely week. The zig zag is one of the worst and least believable finishers I've ever seen. At least with one world title now, he won't be anywhere near that again. He'll hoover around the IC title level and make a good solid mid card worker which there's nothing wrong with. Every wrestling organization needs guys like that.

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