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12. Limp Wrist

Bill: Limp Wrist, Subclinix, St. Ripper, Combat Zone, Exit Order
Venue: Cambridge Elks
Location: Cambridge, MA
Date: May 17, 2013

This show was PACKED. And it was so hot inside the venue, you could barely breathe. It was fucking awesome.

I'm honestly not even gonna write about the local openers. Me and my brother were standing near the back the whole time, and I really don'tr remember how any of them were, None really stood out.

Limp Wrist is a very different story. My brother likes some metal and punk (more punk than metal), but isn't nearly as into it as I am, preferring more shoegaze-y, alternative type stuff, among other things. He's not a hipster though. He is really into social justice and political stuff and is very much to the left (as am I), and he loves when bands talk about that stuff in their lyrics. Limp Wrist is especially cool to him because they are a queercore band, and my brother identifies as queer. Plus they play some sick hardcore punk. They played for probably around a half hour I think, maybe a little more, and the enbtire crowd went NUTS. I was near the back, but I could tell it was a crazy crowd. Queer kids know how to have a good time. Martin had his typical skimpy leather outfit on, and he talked a few times between songs. He's a seriously awesome vocalist and performer. This was just a really great show. My brother got a Limp Wrist shirt that is quite suggestive. If people don't like it or get offended, fuck them.
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