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14. Saint Vitus

Bill: Saint Vitus, Pallbearer, Hookers
Venue: Middle East (downstairs)
Location: Cambridge, MA
Date: October 15, 2013

I've listened to Saint vitus for a couple years, but I missed their tour last year. So I had to go this year. Told my buddy from work about it a few days before, he didn't know them that well but likes doom metal so he wanted to go. We both had the night off, so I picked him up at his place and we headed into Cambridge. Got ready to go in , then headed into the venue. I think there may have been a local opener, but we didn't see them.

First band we saw was hookers. Typical sex, drugs, and rock n roll kinda stuff. Wasn't into them.

Pallbearer was up next. Their album last year was one of my favorites of the year, so I was excited to see them. They sounded so heavy and crushing live, I love their sorrow-filled doom. I went on a little journey while they played, maybe it was my altered state. Either way awesome set.

Saint Vitus headlined. They sounded great, I was super impressed with Wino's vocals. I think they played for about an hour and a half, playing all the songs I hoped to hear pretty much. "The Troll" was especially sweet live. My friend really liked them too, even though he didn't know them that well. He was super into Pallbearer too, even got a shirt at the end of the show, which was cool. Another good show for me.
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