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Energymetal14's 2013 Thread

2013 was a year that definitely had its ups and downs, but it couldn't have ended better. Musically, 2013 was a good year for me. Many albums I reaaly enjoyed, and I went to some of the coolest shows this year. I even met the coolest girl I've ever met through our love for music (I know, super corny, give me shit for it, i dont care ) I'm gonna start the thread off with my top 15 shows of the year, since its easier for me to describe experiences than music. I might post some albums I was into after the show list, and possibly do a little commentary. Maybe not, I'm not sure. Either way, I already have the show list made up, so I'll get right into it.

Not sure if I went to as many shows this year as I did this year (maybe I did, not sure). But the shows I did go to this year were a lot cooler and more fun. So here it goes, time to start the list.

15. Rotten Sound

Bill: Rotten Sound, Hivesmasher, Panzerbastard, Soul Remnants, Boxcutter Facelift
Venue: Cambridge Elks
Location: Cambridge, MA
Date: May 20, 2013

So this was a show with a touring act and a few local openers. Not the worst locals Boston has to offer, but definitely not the best. But who care, fucking Rotten Sound was playing! One of the first grind bands I got intto, and still one of my favorites in arguably my favorite subgenre of metal/punk/whatever. So I was obviously pumped to see them in such a small venue, with no stage or anything, even though I was seeing them days later at MDF. This was also the first show I went to with my now current girlfriend, so its memorable for that reason.

First band was Boxcutter Facelift. Death/grind stuff. Not bad, not great. Okay.

Soul Remnants was next. Death metal, we were outside talking and shit. Didn't watch them.

We went to get some food, and by the time we came back Panzerbastard was finishing. I swear they only played for 5-10 minutes. Oh well.

Hivesmasher was next. Decent grind. Some drunk/high dude kept getting in the singer's face during the set. A guy working at the elks had to pull him out eventually. I think he was a buddy of the band members, maybe he didn't realize how obnoxious he was being haha. Seen Hivesmasher a few times, always entertaining.

Lat but not least, Rotten Sound. The band we all wanted to see. They kick in with their set, and its just grinding insanity. I fucking love Rotten Sound, and they sound great live. After 10 or 15 minutes, a guy working there flashes the lights and says its curfew, they have to stop. Keijo doesnt seem to care or just didn't hear the guy, so he keeps going. The guy comes up and says they HAVE to stop, which gets fans pissed. Some shouting back and forth is done, then eventually things died down and everyone cleared out. Very disappointing the show ran late and their set got cut so short, but it was still a lot of fun. And it was just a warmup for what was to come at MDF.
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