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I listened to 95% of the albums people chose on here. I gave them all an equal chance but obviously we like what we like. I don't think there are camps per se I think a lot of it boils down to vocals. At least it does for me. On the other side of that I have friends who are guitarists who ONLY care about solos and could care less about vocals. To each his own.

As far as Hipster shit goes, I don't hate on people and I actually liked Sunbather for the music. If you were to define hipster lyrics though the title track would probably be example A:

Held my breath and Annotatedrove through a maze of wealthy homes. I watched how green the trees were. I watched the steep walkways and the white fences. I gripped the wheel. I sweated against the leather. I watched the dogs twist through the wealthy garden. I watched you lay on a towel in grass that exceeded the height of your legs. I gazed into reflective eyes. I cried against an ocean of light

Crippled by the cushion, I sank into sheets frozen by rose pedal toes. My back shivered for your pressed granite nails. Dishonest and ugly through the space in my teeth. Break bones down to yellow and crush gums into blood. The hardest part for the weak was stroking your fingers with rings full of teeth..

It's 5 A.M...and my heart flourishes at each passing moment

Always and forever

Now picture those words sang as aye yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi and if you think that's better than Jesse Leach's vocals and lyrics on the new KSE then you might be a broootal elitist or a hipster. hahaha

Like I said we had the same #1 as Rolling Stone. That would be the only time it's not totally doucheville to use an eyeroll emoticon...
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