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Originally Posted by AnataFan4Life View Post
That's what they get for constantly playing it safe with the lineup. I understand that the headliners are bound to repeat, but they could at least try to keep the rest of the lineup fresh. I imagine that the economy isn't helping matters either.
Last year had 5 repeats but they took a gamble with some of the bands(namely having Amon Amarth on the main stage), you basically have a tour catering to 3-4 demographics a year

-20 something's who either were scene or metal kids
-holdovers from Ozzfest's past
-older metal heads

Right there you could appease with a lineup like Asking Alexandria, Hatebreed, Children of Bodom, KoRn, and Slayer

I think the tour has done a decent job at trying to saciate these crowds and maximize their ticket sales(while maintaining enough big names to make sure the fringe audience goes and keeps this thing an arena level tour)
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