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EP/Compilation/Live Albums of 2013 - #10 - #1

10. Clutch - Earth Rocker Live

Earth Rocker played in the same track order as on the album. This release came out of nowhere and made me extremely sad that I missed out on seeing Clutch in 2013. This made up for it since I was able to hear the whole album live.

9. Hello Skeletons - Choices

Clint Lowery's (Sevendust guitarist) acoustic-ish solo project. This is the last EP from HDMS (bringing the total to 4). I splurged and bought the limited edition release of this. It is heavier than the previous 3 EPs which I wasn't expecting but it doesn't take away anything from this last release. I'm glad to have been able to follow Clint on this solo journey from the beginning to this incredible end.

8. Cult of Luna - Vertikal II

An extension to one of my favorite albums of the year with a Justin Broadrick remix of Vicarious Redemption (19 minutes long) that he nails and 3 newly recorded songs that were written but never recorded for Vertikal.

7. BAT - Primitive Age

I know this is considered a demo but honestly it could have been an EP and should have been an EP so I am going to treat this as such. The newer wave of thrash can be brought to new levels with this band. A straightforward musical approach to the genre with some awesome ideas that allow the songs to breathe and stand out to the listener.

6. Axeslasher - Anthology of Terror

If it weren't for MetalSetlists I would have never found out about Axeslasher. Since we are nearing the top 5 and the end of the list it's should be self explanatory to just check these last 6 EPs out without needing a description or my own 2 cents.

5. Insomnium - Ephemereal

4. Smash Potater - In Buffet There Is No Law!

3. A Canorous Quintet - The Quintessence

2. Anathema - Untouchable

1. Keep of Kalessin Introspection
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