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Time to vote for the 2013 Gooker Award!

Tough choice this year:
1. All Things Miz - I hate the guy but not enough to make him a Gooker winner
2. Dixie Carter: Heel - this was my runner up choice. I don't watch TNA, I've never even heard Dixie speak a word but I hate her.
3. Total Divas - this got my vote. I've been in agreement with RD Rynolds for years that the WWE is the only company who've been able to get me to dislike having hot women on my TV.
4. Yodeling Antonio - stupid, but it didn't stick around long enough to bee a Gooker winner. A definite induction someday though
5. Cobra Charming - I never even heard of this until the list was posted.
6. Punks Steals Paul Bearer's Ashes - not Gooker material, just a dumb angle.
7. Brooke Hogan - again, I don't watch TNA. I know she was probably terrible but at least they could get rid of her.
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