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The perfect screenplay?

[Two men meet each others' gazes in a Parisian cafe. They are both visitors. The American knows only a few French expressions; the other, from the Ukraine, knows even fewer. Needless to say, verbal communication is impossible.]

[But the spiritual connection is immediately felt. Understand, neither man is conventionally attractive in the physical sense. And yet these two human beings can't take their eyes off each other. They can't take withdraw their souls from the other. It's already happened. For perhaps the first time in human history, two human beings found their soulmate. But what will they tell their wives? Will they tell them anything? Maybe, they'll discover, there need be no connotations at play. Maybe there is no need to overcome the barrier.]

Nope. I crumpled it into a ball and tossed it in the fireplace. Films have a certain responsibility to the viewers, no? Not to feed them false hope in the form of cliches. I wouldn't take a part in that for all the money the bastards could offer.

But still (promise not to tell) I maintain a glimmer of... no, "hope" is not the right word... awareness. That anything can happen at the will of the Universe. And who is it that deciphers this will? Can anyone?

Above all, I wish I could find that human being. I wish I could know that such a person is out there, maybe wondering the same about me, maybe not. I won't accept anything less... I can't.
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