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Vengeance Falls
Genre: Metalcore/Thrash Metal

Their last album, 'In Waves' grew on me over the past 2 years, as I didn't care for it much when it first came out. I still think there were too many attempts at radio rock-infused metal, that some of it came out sounding like straight cheese. Wasn't too sure what to expect, but when they streamed the opening track 'Brave This Storm'. Fucking great track. Fast, catchy riffs, and a great tempo. I like the lyrical arrangement too. The title track and 'Strife' keep the start of the album excellent. The title track is fairly heavy and has a very cool chorus. The middle of the album isn't bad, just nothing that really jumps out. The last track, 'Wake (The End Is Nigh" is a balladish tune at the beginning, but becomes rather heavy. Great tune. Not sure why it wasn't included in the regular version, but the Japanese version has 3 bonus tracks. One of them is 'There is No Hope for the Human Race', and that song is just fucking sick. Unfortunately, there's no vid on YT. Overall, this album is less core and more metal than previous albums. There are still some breakdowns and chugga-chugga rythyms, but there is more straight up thrashy and heavy riffs, and Matt Heafy has again channeled his inner James Hetfield, similar to what he did on "The Crusade", except this album is better. They've certainly taken some influences from Metallica, but not in a knock off way like Avenged Sevenfold. I know Trivium is a band that doesn't get much love around, but this is an excellent heavy metal record, you guys should check it out.

Brave This Storm
Wake (The End is Nigh)

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